Monday, November 16, 2009

Similar Souls

He wanders the ethers with abandon
searching, seeking, learning
eyes bright with anticipation
hands clutching an old manuscript
torn and darkened at the corners

He moves, paced and resolute toward a tiny light,
visible only briefly and only to those who share
eternal passion for the quest

His past a raging river of choices
his future, the gentle peace of infinite probabilities
His present, filled with love and hope
cares for him, nurturing his need to be

His moments, garnered from the outstretched arms of similar souls,
lay etched in his heart, deeply cut
with the sharp teeth of understanding
Would that some see and some not

His quest, though filled with moments and days of generous reward
lies fallow with want, with need, for a new sustenance
similar souls to search and seek the ethers far
to share the joys of discovery,
to revel in its poignant moments

To laugh when, again, the tiny light appears, distant
and talk of things only they understand

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