Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Astrology and the Truck..

Well, we're approaching Christmas again and this means - for us - truck problems. Last year at Christmas it was the front left wheel bearing. Cost us $395. On a fixed income this meant fewer Christmas presents for our daughters. I don't mind it so much and the girls don't mind it so much but my wife, Denise, looks at it with somewhat unamused eyes.

I feel that Christmas should be experienced as a spiritual holiday and have been lobbying for this for many years. There's altogether too much commercialism and it bugs me to no end. But, discretion being the better part of valor, I don't fight it too much. It seems, though, that for the last few years the universe has been helping me out. Something mechanical always goes wrong at Christmas or I end up in the hospital for one damn thing or another. I've always been out in time for the holiday but it can put a damper on things.

Today, as the Moon directly opposed my Mercury (to the minute) by progession, I heard that grinding sound again. The progressed Moon also squares my Neptune, Mars is still conjunct my Pluto by transit and transiting Saturn is in my 2nd house. Let's see, Moon in the 11th (hopes and wishes/security) opposing Mercury (local travel); squaring Neptune in the 3rd, confusion and illusion with that local travel and Saturn in the 2nd, uh, tough financial times. I could keep going but what's the point? The point is we're going to be down $500 this year with the towing.

We have learned to laugh at these synchronicities and the universe has yet again come to my aid. Christmas should be a spiritual observance and for another year, it will be. What more can a guy ask for?


  1. We're seriously cutting back this year on Xmas spending. Giving a little something here and there all year long works better for me. Anyone who stops by during the growing season seldom leaves empty handed.

  2. Time with the people you love..that's what matters..three little grand babies..5, 3 and 2...climbing onto your lap for cuddles..after getting madly excited playing about with the box their toy came in..

  3. We're waiting for our grand babies, Lynne and it may be a while. I plan to hang around till it happens, and after, so I can be the cuddly old bear myself. Ah, yes, the box...