Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Chrismas Tale...

After the other day's rage, I find that the Pisces moon has brought me some needed solace. I wish I could write like Billy Joel in "We Didn't Start the Fire," but I can't. At least at the moment.

It has been one of those months that could be covered by "It's been the best of...and it's been the worst of." I am so thankful for all the new friends I have made, the new things I have read and the things that my Muse helped me to write. Actually, it's been a blockbuster of a month for those things.

I have learned about myself through some amazing experiences and I have been slapped silly by events that I don't wish to revisit. I have always wanted a spiritual Christmas and not a material one. This year I got my wish. First it was repairs to the truck that took away most of the Christmas presents we had planned to buy. Then, it was the Gas and Electric company who continued in their indomitable way by threatening a cutoff - erroneously I might add - followed by one of nature's most torturous visits; a major toothache for my wife, which took away the rest of what might have been a material Christmas.

But, in the positive column, my family is healthy - my wife, too, after some surgical dentistry this morning - and my pets are all fine. I got some free mood cards in the mail for stocking stuffers and though my Wii was blown away, there's still my birthday. I've been wanting the Wii for a couple of years but something always seems to come up. Well, I guess that's ok because it would have made a material Christmas for me. Now, a material birthday is something I could handle. Do you hear that, my Angels?

We have the Congress and the Senate but we also have a white Christmas with my family all together. We have the war in Afghanistan but we have...uh, there's nothing to compensate for that.

Pluto and Saturn are battling in the skies but they have no effect on us if we don't allow it. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction can confuse us but I prefer to let it bring more of the beautiful spirituality we all need, while Chiron says, "Be healed."

After all, it's attitude that makes the difference in our lives as well as our reactions to events. When we surround ourselves, our friends and our family with White Light, it will be the most wonderful Christmas of all...No thanks to you, Lieberman.

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