Saturday, December 19, 2009


Twas darker ‘ere than the depths of dawn
and below
the river kept its pace
toward lands beyond my knowing

Amidst the rocks, still reaching up
toward pain and sorrows, small
depressions filled
with crumbled fate
while endless winds kept blowing

As the writhing forces swelled
in mighty song, designed to breach the rise
of struggling hopes
and long kept dreams
left stunned and broken so, I lay
wondering how I came to be
near death beneath these skies

Whose eternal reaches had mystified
and drawn my upturned face
through years of lonely quests
to finally meet myself, my soul
in searing, naked truth

Whose unexplained and beck’ning realms
entranced and bid my journeys
whose captivating, joyous breadth
had loved me since my youth

Yet I’d stayed those rocks through tearing winds
and river’s rage, committed
born of fears and lost in tears
enmeshed in damned desires

Such dire folly had I caused my soul
through those days and nights of searching
straining past my mirror’d soul
to touch those dying fires


  1. This is a truly beautiful poem Larry and I found it very moving. The self-undoing and endless battles which we sometimes fight in vain whilst striving to find our truth .. then the awareness and our need to let go. Thank you :)

  2. Thank you, Sammie. You got it right every which way. I spent so many years looking around the wrong corners; for myself and for someone else.

    Spirituality can be an elusive thing just as our "soul mate" can be. If I could do over so many of the fruitless decisions I made, I would probably end up in the same place, right? :-)

    I am exactly where I should be and I recognize that - thankfully - but sometimes it helps writing about it.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and your understanding. You and I are closer that we think...

  3. I think this is the kinda stuff that makes us "evolve" over time and all the "erroneous" decisions we might have made in the past occur because this was all we were actually capable of at the time. I supppose we all arrive there spiritually in the end (or to the best of our potential) we just progress at different speeds. But it's a real gift to be able to write about it too :)

  4. I think you're exactly right, Sammie. Even with the best of intentions, with the highest level of awareness we are capable of, we still make 'mistakes' and decisions which lead us astray.

    And if I may change a word of your post :)it's the kind of stuff that "helps" us evolve..

    I think once we've made the choice to 'go home' we're pretty much there. I have no desire for further separation, thank you...