Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heartlight, Lovelight and Peace...

The Moon is in Gemini today which presupposes that we all want to communicate about everything. The night sky is getting brighter in the evening as it makes it's way to a full blue moon New Year's Eve. I'm not sure about all the talk and blather that's supposed to be going on because I sit in solitude up in the wildwoods of Michigan. More like the moon in Cancer on the last day of the year.

I like it this way, no one around to ring my doorbell, no traffic up and down our street which is only a few hundred feet long anyway. Up here, in the winter, there are only 92 residents living along a 7 mile stretch of beach on Lake Huron. Everyone else has gone home. Not till May or June will we hears sounds of tourists and summer residents. It is God's country and God's peace.

All year long we park the truck near the carriage house with the keys in it, doors unlocked, home windows open to the night. In the winter there is a fire going in the woodstove and the cats laze in their cat tree near the heat. It is a bucolic sense of well being living here and the only intrusion is the television which is never on during the day.

If the square between Saturn and Pluto is causing havoc and disarray elsewhere in the world, we do not feel it here. Uranus moving toward the cusp of Aries, a harbinger of great and tremendous change, has no effect on us. Even the mighty Mars, retrograde in Leo, slides silently by on it's way to war. Somewhere, but not here.

It is my sense that it takes the friction of people together en masse to distribute the energies symbolized by these planets and no such friction exists in the north, where we are. No telephone lines buzzing with the conversations of millions, no great and blasting cacophony of city sounds to rend the nerves and shatter the eardrums with constant disharmony. No, here there is peace, warmth and a feeling of love for all creatures.

This is what heaven must be like. Where the only sounds are the waves lapping at the ice building on the shore. Where you can only feel the rhythm of your heartlight as it thrums softly along. Where pain exists somewhere far away and joy de jour is the special of the day.

I wish everyone could have what we have, no tears, no fears, no regrets. Just the love between two people whose souls have connected over years. Who have come to know one another in spirit, to love one another gently and to care in unconditional ways.

But all we can do is hope and to keep our fires burning, sending lovelight into the ethers, lighting, for moments, the way home to the heavens for all...

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