Friday, December 4, 2009

Mars, Mars, Mars...

Today we arose feeling homey. The Moon is in Cancer and the tough aspects were gone by the time we woke up. Well, the general ones, anyway. Today, Mars in Leo in the 12th is exactly inconjunct my Mercury in Cap in the 5th.

The first indication was a text from my youngest daughter who runs a pre-school program for a local school system. It came just as I made it to my chair in the living room and said, "I need a cigarette (she's not smoked in two days) and these kids are pushing me over the edge!" Oh, lovely. I can't even see yet, feel like a frozen log and haven't even tasted my first sip of coffee and I've got a wild child on my hands!

I sat there trying to figure out not only what I was going to say but how I was going to text it when I can't see and my fingers don't work. The dog is wanting out and the cats are mewling around my feet. What the hell am I going to do?

Well, I'm a dad and I have to be a dad, regardless. Right? So I texted. Slowly. "Hey, baby, you get off in 20 minutes." The instant reply, "Get off what in 20 min?" Back to her, "Work, honey, work." Here it comes: "I need a damn cigarette!!" She had two teeth pulled on Wednesday and hasn't been able to draw very well, and thought it would be a good time to quit.

"Okay, if it's that bad, have one. I can't really tell you what to do because I'm smoking right now." Jessi: " :-(" "Ok, don't smoke then." "But Dad! I really need one!" This is the way it goes. "Ok, smoke then. And I'm sorry about the little rugrats."

She must have left work because I haven't heard from her since that last volley. So I sent her a funny e-card, with music, and commiserated with her in the remarks section. Still haven't heard from her.

A little after noon, my oldest called the house and talked to her mom. She said, "I've got some awesome news but I can't talk so I'll text it!" Mom told me and we waited on pins and needles for the phone to beep. Finally, after 5 minutes it did.

"Some asshole screwed up his paperwork and now my hours are cut to 24. My boss says she'll try to fix it but it might take a while. Happy damn Birthday!" Ah, shit. She works for the State of Michigan, a huge bureacracy and we all know how that is. So, I texted back, "Aw, shit, honey! We're so sorry!"

Denise and I looked at each other and said, simultaneously, "Merry Christmas" and sent her an e-card. It's her birthday tomorrow. So with the Mars inconjunct, no one could see around the corner and we had to handle it all blindly. I'm not even looking at their charts today. The universe will take care of it...

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  1. It happens, dad! I got over my nicotine fit (without a cigarette), and Dani's still cheerful because at least she has a job. We don't give a rat's behind about presents, as long as we get to come home for Christmas. :) I love you!

    <3 your youngest,