Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mars Is All The Rage...

A new friend and an all around great lady, Donna Cunningham, on her website "" posted an article yesterday on Mars in transit. About how everyone was feeling rage these days as it lingers in Leo for a month or so. And how that rage turns to grief the more time goes by.

I posted a response to those intense feelings and talked a little about how I learned to deal with my rage. She wrote me back and suggested that I put it on my blog. I was honored and here it is:

I understand what you're saying about the grief. My wife and I feel it, too. Strongly. But I do not feel the rage, perhaps because I used to be rage many years ago. I recognized it one day shooting pool with someone vastly better than I; I was trying to learn and move up a level and becoming extremely frustrated. I missed a shot and the rage came out. I literally threw my stick on the floor and swore like a sailor - or a cop. My opponent, my teacher, my mentor said to me: "If you ever do that again, we're through playing, you and I!"

I was suddenly dumbstruck with a huge empty feeling in my stomach. No, I thought! I will not lose this opportunity to learn from a genius! And he was. Billiards is a vastly layered game of geometry, touch, feel, consistency and stroke. It is a beautiful game when played correctly.

Something struck me and I reached into my wallet and pulled out a mood card. One of those credit card sized variations on the mood ring. I can't remember where I got it, but I had stuck it deep in my wallet to be forgotten till now. You place your thumb on a certain part of the card and if you're angry, it turns black. If you're feeling good it turns a beautiful shade of blue/green. Much the way a polygraph works measuring heat changes in your skin.

I began to use this card every time I played. If it was black, I breathed deeply and let myself sink. When I got it to turn blue/green, I was ready to start playing again. I used that card until I didn't need it anymore. Much like astrology should be. I knew the signs and I knew when they changed.

Whenever I got that feeling, I held the card in my mind till any hint of anger disappeared, and I haven't been angry in a long time. While reading your post, I was wondering why I didn't seem affected by Mars or the Saturn/Pluto square, and then it came to me. I may be affected by them, buy they don't produce anger. But they do produce the grief you talk about. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm not. Maybe I sublimate any anger that I feel but I don't think so. I feel at peace...


  1. Me either. Though during my thirties, I had a lot of rage that needed to be worked out in large part due to a series of escalating crappy relationships. I have Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra & lots of 12th house planets and had the mistaken notion I could rescue people. WRONG!!

    Accepting and letting go of my anger towards myself & others, was a gradual process encouraged by Pluto transits to my Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and ASC. Took many years and careful attention to my internal anger barometer and remaining conscious to move away from it.

    So even though Mars in Leo is squaring my natal Mars in Scorpio in my 12th house, there is little anger. Grief, yes.

    BTW - Maukie the cat is very fun . . . :-)

  2. NO matter what anyone says, Neith, it takes years, and age and wisdom to overcome some of the things that ail us. Bad tempers, whiny personalities, moody, dark countenances and fear, always fear.

    Some things we visit over and over again. Same situation, same results. It isn't until the detritus of past failures is swept from our souls by the Light that we can move on, free to grow again.

    It's amazing that something as small and forgotten as the mood card can teach me about peace and tranquility! After that incident, I shot up a level in my playing and began to win tournaments...