Wednesday, December 2, 2009


At the very heart of every human civilization lies the drive toward evolution; the inexorable need for growth and progress. At the heart of our human evolution lies the pursuit of wisdom, the illusory key to survival and triumph over entropy. All things save human consciousness are subject to the laws of the physical universe. The warp and woof of ultimate destruction spare nothing, grinding planets to dust, stars to darkness and galaxies into oblivion. The human spirit alone survives. Toward enlightenment’s grasp and the warmth of understanding we move. But it is always the choice of the individual carried along through opportunity after opportunity. This way or that? That thought or this? Sometimes the process is slow, sometimes it is not. Within each of us lie the options; stasis or not, we remain the captains of our destiny.

It has been said that there are souls waiting at the gate, holding lifetime contracts for the momentous game being played out in our arena, twenty-first century Earth. Seven billion have now come through the tunnels to participate in the greatest events of human history. The game is called evolution and evolution has its own rules; revolution precedes each new beginning with wisdom and spiritual growth as the goal. Those who gain the most ground win. To the victors? Survival. Transcendence. The well lit road leading home. Peace, love, connection and the opportunity to move on to the next venue. The next season. We’ve now made it to the world series. Pluto, agent of evolution, impatient and demanding confrontation has called for speed through ultimate challenge. Decisions before nightfall, though it remains our individual choice to accept. Or not. Do we contribute or do we lie fallow, grist for the mill in this game we call life?

Not since the Revolutionary War and the birth of a nation has the American Soul had the opportunity to gain so much experience, so much understanding, to make so many choices and so many changes. In so short a time. To create something so new, so unique that its developing character defies description. In 1753, with Pluto in Sagittarius, few could imagine what the new world would become. Now, across the threshold of a new millenium we stand at the precipice of a similar vision, yet one so much farther reaching in scope that the playing field now encompasses a globally connected civilization. To prepare for the emergence of this new world we have the opportunity to incorporate an incredible depth of self-understanding as Pluto transits nearly six signs over the lifetimes of the boom generation.

Since mid-century, we have been spurred to faster and deeper self-analysis. Since then Pluto, the archetype of evolution, the symbol of evolutionary growth through concentrated effort has transited over four signs to trine its natal position. That is already twice the number experienced by most people over the normal course of sixty years of life. Long before it is done, many of us will have seen a quincunx to its natal position in our charts and we won’t yet have reached retirement age. Some of us might even live to experience an opposition. For perspective, I quote Robert Hand’s, Planets in Transit for Pluto trine Pluto:

“In this century, this transit has happened only to people when they are in their eighties and nineties. I have had no opportunity to observe its effects, but I expect the result to be similar to a sextile.”

Well, we will know, won’t we? If we pay attention, if we recognize the opportunity. If we accept Pluto’s mandate to ‘let go and let God’ and confront our fears with understanding.

Fanaticism, religious tyranny, intolerance, greed and the thirst for power are all elements of the crusty detritus that keeps us from seeing the light. But, we have been given the time and the motivation and the ability to understand ourselves well enough to counter that darkness. More time, more opportunities and yes, more pain. There is no growth without pain. Even trapped by the prisons of our compulsions, our fears and the complex psychological patterns locked deep within, we fight to survive, intact. We cannot surrender now. Not when we stand at the foot of the (R)evolution. To not seize this momentous opportunity, to fail to grasp its incredible significance would be fatal to the life, the spirit and the brilliance of mankind.

We have seen the Renaissance, the birth of the United States, a nation committed to the ideals of men created equal, and now, the coming of age of a global civilization perched precariously on the edge of utter darkness or brilliant light. Is it a coincidence that the advent of global technology, the neural net, the Internet was born as Pluto reached its perihelion in Scorpio? Was it a coincidence that America, the land of freedom and the pursuit of happiness was also born there? Or the Renaissance, a rebirth of original thought? Logic doubts it and conventional wisdom, well, conventional wisdom fades in the glory of these nascent truths. Man is greater than the chains of his ignorance.

Unfortunately, man’s wisdom rarely has kept pace with his technology, yet the opportunity to throw off these shackles of ignorance stands boldly before us. Not in two hundred and fifty years have we achieved the awareness necessary for such informed and wise choices. What will we do with them? Time, compressed by perception, can be our ally. Pluto’s quick but lengthy transit through our lifetime offers a unique opportunity for greater vistas of experience, learning, understanding. More fuel for the evolutionary fires, driving us to greater introspection, greater understanding and greater enlightenment.

Revolution begets evolution. Let us be sure that we use our lessons for the greater good. To break the material bonds that enslave us. To make the final truth our Truth. We can win the World Series, it can be our destiny but the game has reached its final moments. Pluto in Capricorn awaits, a stern and unforgiving taskmaster.

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  1. Well put, Larry, well put. Even though most of us need a swift kick in the backside to remember this, we surely need to. :-)