Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Transit Blessings...

Back on July 18 (our anniversary - 28 years) my second Saturn return was days from being exact for the third time. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune stationed on my DSC in Rx and we didn't have enough money to celebrate. I can't remember why; I'm sure it had to do with kids, automobiles or some other unexpected expense. Saturn was in my second house.

We didn't need to go anywhere because we live in paradise already and we'd agreed years before that no gifts were necessary. So we celebrated by walking on the beach in the moonlight. I was recovering from a year of several major surgeries and my physicality was still weak, so we didn't walk too far. It was a beautiful anniversary.

Those three planets I mentioned before kept hanging around my DSC, with Mars conjunct my Pluto in the 12th, opposing them. By September I was pretty depressed. I wasn't healing like I had in the past and I was concerned with mortality. Not concerned in the "fearful" sense because to me, death is the greatest adventure. I've seen enough in my lifetime to know that most go peacefully. I was more concerned with my wife and my children and how they were going to do without me.

I guess I didn't realize that Jupiter and Chiron in my sixth conjuncting my Sun, Venus and Jupiter had pulled me through the mess the year before. They almost lost me a few times and I must have had one hell of a will to live. Neptune there just made it confusing.

By October, I was really down in the dumps, worried even about my purpose in life. I had already lived 6 lifetimes in one and done a lot of things I could be proud of, but I knew I hadn't done "It" yet. What "it" was, I had no idea but "it" was there. Finally, I asked my God and my Angels for someone to guide me, a teacher, or a facilitator. I thanked them and moved on.

In the middle of October, my good friend, Steve Monkiewicz - his Dr. Steve site is on this blog - emailed me with a copy of an essay written by an astrologer about the Saturn Return. He and I were both in the middle of ours. I read it and was greatly impressed so I went to the author's site, where I read more of her essays.

I noticed that she had just published a book called, "North Node Astrology" and based on the content of her other essays, I ordered it. Little did I know that it would change my life.

I read the book and suddenly understood what my North Node in Aries actually meant. I was amazed. I had thought of the North Node as some place we were called to go and the South, where we had been already. This book delineated it far beyond that. I contacted the author, Elizabeth Spring, and eventually we became friends. The gist of the matter was that I needed to start writing again, and get back to my astrology which had lain fallow for nearly a decade.

At the same time, Steve was pushing me to write and we started discussing astrology. Again. So, I started writing and reading and looking at charts. Almost suddenly, in November, we got high speed internet, We had had dial-up for 6 years because of our remote location. Now we had satellite. Jesus! (excuse me!:) There was a whole new world out there!

Since then I have met a great number of people with whom I now correspond. Two of the main ones, astrologers, are Diane Lang and Lynne Ewart. They both have urged me on, encouraged me, along with Elizabeth, almost like my own peanut gallery. And I am so grateful for these three, Elizabeth, Diane and Lynne, that it's hard to put into words. And, as you can tell, I have a lot of them.

Those three planets, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune cross my DSC for the last time beginning on Christmas Day (Jupiter), just before my birthday Neptune, and finally Chiron just afterwards. I will be sad to see them go, but life goes on, I know. My friends on the 'net have saved my sanity - and maybe my life - and I can only go up from here. Thank you planets and people. Ah, but you are one in the same...


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Lar. Excellent company you have me in!! :)

  2. Thank you too Lars! I'm so grateful that your world has turned so much around, both physically and emotionally; sounds like a rebirth time for you! Keep are a great writer. And a surprise to see Diane here too~ how nice and fitting! (Lars did you know that originally Diane & I started the North Node Ast blog together? She gave me with the help and extra push there....)I'll keep tuning in to your blog, even if I'm off "hibernating" in my writing space.....

  3. Thank you Larry, that's so kind of you to think of me in the same light as those other two good women. Larry you write so well, maybe you have a novel tucked in there.. : )