Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Gotta Love That Intuition...

It was June 1, 2003. I had just received notice that I would be granted a disability pension from the VA and Social Security. We were living in Dearborn, Michigan, our home town in a house owned by my wife's family. We had cared for Denise's parents full time for two years while they died slowly. We also had cared for my mother during the same period though she was living with us. We moved in to her parent's house after their deaths.

Now, Denise's older sister, the executor, wanted us out of the house so it could be sold. We hadn't even thought of where we could go but we finally had the means to go somewhere. This all happened pretty quickly, the retirement, the note we got saying we needed to get out of the house. It was a great time in our lives but a little confusing, too.

On this day, a Sunday, I woke up with this strong gut feeling that I needed to go up to northern Michigan. I am in tune with my gut and it has saved my life on several occasions. I turned to Denise and told her. She has seen me do this before, many times, so she just nodded her head and went back to sleep. I got my things together and left. Going out the door, for some reason, I grabbed my checkbook.

I had absolutely no plan in mind and just started driving north. After about 300 miles I could go no farther north without crossing the Mackinac Bridge and heading to the upper peninsula. So, I turned right. This part of the drive took me through Cheboygan, just south of the Straits of Mackinac. I drove through town but was not impressed. Just as I was leaving the city, I remembered that an old friend from school and the neighborhood had retired and moved up here somewhere. I put on my investigator gear and started looking.

After a couple of dead ends, I checked with the County Clerk's office. There I found, in the Platt book, David's name and address. It was about 25 miles south of me and I headed out. It was beautiful country and US 23 ran right along the shore of Lake Huron. The sky was a deep blue and the water, very calm, was a turquoise color. Much like the Caribbean. Wow. I pulled up to David's house on a little lane that ran down to the water. His was set back a couple of hundred feet and was gorgeous. I remembered then that he had built it himself. I hadn't seen him in five years and was surprised when he opened the door immediately.

It was old home week, just like it is everytime when you see someone from your past. We sat down with a beer and started talking. We weren't halfway through the cold Budweisers when he said, "Hey, man, you've got to see this house!" I kind of looked at him like a crazy man and said, "Why do I need to see a house?" We went back and forth and finally I gave in. We got in his truck and headed south again.

After about seven miles we turned into another little lane that led down to the water and pulled up to the first house we saw. There were only four houses on this lane and the lake was about two hundred feet from the house. It was a ranch style home with an unattached carriage house. It was surrounded by forest in every direction. The home owner met us outside and invited us in.

When I walked in and saw the interior, I was stunned. It was beautiful! It had large windows and french doors that made it seem like the walls were glass. A country kitchen with more windows that looked out into the forest. I thought to myself, "This is ridiculous! Why did he bring me here in the first place? I couldn't afford a place like this!"

The owner offered us coffee and we sat down. After talking for a bit, I asked him how much he was selling the place for. He replied with a figure and my jaw dropped. The figure was about the same as the houses in Dearborn. No way! A beautiful home on a beautiful lake in the middle of a forest, twenty miles from any town. In any of the surrounding suburbs of Detroit this house with it's proximity to water would go for at least half a million. Not so here.

I looked at him, looked at Dave and brought out my checkbook. I asked if he would accept a down payment on a land contract for a year. He looked as stunned as I was. Dave was just shaking his head slowly. He knew I was impulsive; growing up I had proven that. But this!

After a few seconds, the owner shook his head and then shook my hand. I had offered a little less than he was asking but apparently it was no impediment. I wrote the check and handed it to him. Then I thought it wise to call Denise and tell her what I'd done. Since I hadn't called her before I wrote the check. Uh, trouble?

I knew there wouldn't be because when she saw the house, I knew she'd fall to her knees. I was that positive. We had wanted to move up north since we first married, twenty two years ago. But, there were no jobs up here because Michigan's economy had been in trouble for years. So, we dreamed.

I drove home to face my family. The looks I saw struck me. Denise was tight-eyed and stern mouthed. Danielle my oldest had a smile on her face. Jessica, my youngest, looked like she wanted to tear my heart out. She had just finished her senior year of high school and was looking forward to hanging out with her friends. How could I do this to her?

Well, the next week I took everyone up to see the house. Just as I knew, Denise almost fell to her knees and looked at me with this huge smile on her face. Danielle's smile was just as big. She was attending Albion College downstate and it was a straight drive up for her. Jessica still had fire in her eyes but when she saw the private beach and the soft sand, I could see her relent. The carriage house has a finished upstairs and the first thing she asked was, "I can bring my friends up here, right?"

A month later we closed on the house. On our twenty second anniversary and started moving in a week later. We have now been here for six and a half wonderful years. It is our dream house. Back in 1994 we made a list of the things we wanted in our house when we got it. Up on a hill near water. Glass all around and trees, too. A place where our friends could come and relax and the animals would be our friends, as well. There were a few more stipulations that just so happened to match this house, too.

The house was built in 1994 as we were dreaming of it. We didn't get the house we wanted back then but we were here now. And it matched everything on our list to a T. We just laughed. We've been working on trying to understand the universe and the one thing we have learned is that your dreams come when you least expect it, and just when you need it.

I looked at the astrology of June 1, 2003 and laughed again. Almost too much to write about here: Jupiter in the 12th, opposing Sun/Venus/Jupiter in the 6th. Saturn conjunct Uranus in the 11th (in Cancer) with the Moon conjunct them both.

Mercury conjunct Moon and MC in Taurus, Pluto conjunct exactly Chiron in the 4th, Chiron conjuncting exactly Mercury in the 5th, also trining Moon/MC and Saturn in the 2nd. Neptune was exactly conjunct Venus/Jupiter in the 6th and Uranus trining Uranus, 7th house to 11th. Finally, the Sun/Venus/N. Node in transit trining the stellium in the 6th, Gemini to Aquarius.

I'm not going to delineate but I'm sure the aspects are self-evident. No wonder my intuition scored that day! I love the way the universe works, the way my God works, both who know more about what I need than I do. Sometimes we need challenges to wake us up with tough times and other times we are rewarded for our efforts. Myself, I just thank my God every morning for the day and what it will bring. As long as I'm upright and taking nourishment, I'm good...


  1. This lovely story is just so inspiring. Finding where you're sposed to be, it matters. Uranus natally in Cancer for and Aquarian.. home needs to feel like it nurtures the soul.
    Pluto, ruler of the IC on Chiron is quite a standout there, then for you, Larry. have you ever checked transits to the composite of you and Denise..or to your marriage chart? I find them quite fascinating too.

  2. I love this story too, and your home in Woods sounds fabulous. It is always inspiring to hear of people realizing their dreams as you & Denise did. Though I gotta say if my husband had taken a big step like that without consulting me first, there would have been fire in my eyes too. LOL

    Much snow there yet???? :-)