Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mars and Pluto, together..

Last night around dinner time, we heard shooting in the distance. Lots of shooting. Not deer rifle shooting but handguns. Whomever it was must have fired off at least 200 rounds - and that was before dinner. I couldn't figure out who would be poppin' so many caps the day after Thanksgiving. It is the wildwoods up here and shooting is fine as long as you don't hit somebody and I heard no ricochets.

I have a love/hate thing going with gunfire and weapons. I used to love to shoot and shot every weapon I could, whenever I could. I was an expert in the Army and the Police Department and was pretty damn accurate under stress - as highlighted by my last post. But, since I left the police 30 years ago, I haven't touched a weapon, nor even really thought about it. Yesterday it seemed as though I might have tried to clear my conscience or something like that, talking about the guy I shot long ago. Mars was just approaching an exact conjunction with my Pluto in Leo.

This morning, the shooting started again, non-stop. With ammunition being so expensive - a county sergeant told me that when I called to have them go check out these bozos - I wondered if millionaires had bought the store out. The cops said they had no jurisdiction in our little township and over the firing of weapons, but said if they were still shooting after dark to call and they would check them out.

The gunfire brings back flashes of Viet Nam and the streets of Detroit and there's something there that I enjoy. And somethings I don't. So, I decided if the cops weren't going to do anything, then I was.

I drove around slowly until I pinpointed the location of the shooters. It was up the road a bit and across from our little community. I sat on the side of the road and just listened, watching some guys back in the woods near a residence moving around. When they saw me watching, they went into the house. Right about this time, Mars was pretty much exactly conjunct my Pluto in the 12th house and Mercury was exactly conjunct Chiron in the 4th.

I fired up the truck and drove into the grounds of the house. There was no one I could see so I sat there for a minute then honked my horn. A few minutes later this gentleman came out dressed in jeans and a hunting shirt. I got out of the truck and introduced myself. He said his name was Bill and he was just corking off some ammo he'd accumulated during the year. It wasn't his house but a buddy's he said, like he wasn't trying to hide something but he was. Whatever, it was no nevermind to me.

We talked for a bit and then he asked, "you want to shoot some?" I was kind of stunned for a moment and then I said, "sure." We walked over to this tree stump and on this stump lay a beautiful, new, Colt Commander .45. I had carried a different version in the Army. He popped a clip of 9 rounds into it and handed it to me.

God help me if that gun didn't feel good and right in my hand. It was like those 30 years had vanished in an instant. He had hung a wire between two trees about 25 yards away and had suspended these round targets, like crumpled up aluminum, from the wire. It was a decent distance away. The average distance in a police shooting is said to be 8-12'. My last shooting was at about 25' to give you an idea.

I palmed that gun and aimed. Centered the sights on one of the targets and fired. That sucker spun around like a tetherball! I fired 4 more times and it spun even faster. I stopped, looked at the target and then at Bill. He said, "30 years?" I said, "yup" and turned to fire again. Bam! Bam! I drilled that piece of aluminum until I finally missed with the last two shots. I think that was because I was dumbfounded.

It was like riding a bicycle and it felt sooo good. Oh, shit, I said to myself, this is not good. I had lost the taste for it way back when I told them to shove my badge where the sun don't shine. The taste was back. What wasn't back was the desire to do it again, to use it to shoot something - or someone. I cleared the weapon and handed it back to Bill. "Thanks, man." He stood there looking at me like, "How in the hell did you do that?" I got the feeling that they had been trying to hit that sucker since yesterday.

I walked away feeling good about myself. The wondering had been there for years: what would I do if I ever got another gun in my hand? Now I knew. A healing of sorts had happened thanks to the "opportunity - Mars and Pluto" and the thoughts, "Mercury on Chiron." And that, my friends, is how astrology works...