Monday, January 11, 2010

Faith and Laughter, my friends...

As Mercury begins to slow down toward going direct on Friday, I have come to some conclusions about the issues facing me. I have decided to keep writing this blog, and writing it for myself, even though the things that make me laugh may not make you do the same. For survival's sake I have cultivated a rather bizarre and macabre sense of humor that I understand may make others wonder at my sanity.

I hold myself to a higher purpose, that of writing a spiritually uplifting memoir, to write of things I endured and things that kept me sane. I have seen so many things in my short life that sometimes they blend together, but not for one minute do I regret any of it. Yes, I have made decisions that hurt others but they were the best decisions I could make at the time. I will not weep over them any longer because life is too short to live it in the past.

I found my Faith so many years ago and have, as intended, been subjected to trials and more trials to see if it were true. Those who think that once you have accepted the Divine, it's clear sailing ahead are in for a rude awakening. It is in the joy of surmounting challenge that we find our most precious moments, and the genuine substance of our Faith.

So, I will reach back and find those moments and the moments that caused me to laugh. Without a sense of humor there is no point to the rest of it and I shall never lose sight of that...


  1. A good decision, Larry. We need to testify to what we believe and feel, and if we don't find them close to hand in the people around us, the internet serves as well. Donna

  2. I second Donna's advice! Ditto about finding people on the internet. Works for me . . . :-)

  3. Ah, my favorite people! How glad I am to see you stop by and, again, offer encouragement. I shall begin again anew - as the Moody Blues once said - and Godspeed to all of us...

  4. I hope you keep writing this blog...even if it's just when the mood strikes you. I've come to believe it's not necessary or even good to try to blog too often--to pressure yourself. And, then....pour your energy/writing into your other writing, your memoir. So my "advice" is truly words of advice to me too, as I'm finding memoir/fiction writing not to be so easy....and my blog is slowing down....

  5. Thank you, 'Lizabeth! You're right, you know. I was trying to blog every day and I finally just ran out of gas. The drive was gone, the fun was gone and I definitely wasn't enjoying myself.

    (laughing) I usually find when I'm handing out advice or teaching that my words are at least as applicable to me as to whom I'm talking.

    Memoir/fiction, hmmm..I like that. Poetic license, eh?

  6. it seems to me that life has treated with you in some different way which is not usually seen among the people and turned you towards spiritually uplifted.

  7. Ah! Thankgod Larry! Owning a blog adds a little magic to one's life, especially if you learn to nurture it without obsessing about it. "Like minds attract", and it'll only be a matter of time before you will begin to reep the awards for your hard work and perseverance .. :))

  8. Shashib..

    Thank you for your kind observation. Yes, life has treated me in such a way that pursuing my spirituality has become my primary motivation. I am blessed to have been challenged in all the ways that I have, for it is the challenges in life that allow us realize just how important spirit is...

    And Sammie, dear Sammie, I know you speak the Truth. Yet now, after such deep consideration, I am less concerned with rewards than I am the opportunity to create something which people enjoy. Of course it is great to read comments that support my creativity. And for your "Thank God Larry" I award you the comment of the month award! Thank you..